2018년도 WARP 포스터
It’s more than just a conference. The World Alliance of Religions’ Peace (WARP) Summit is an extensive gathering of like-minded leaders and citizens sincerely taking action for settling the sustainable environment for peace in today’s world. Since 2014, with the main slogan, “Together for Peace as Messengers of Peace,” the summit has provided a platform for leaders in politics, religion, youth and women’s groups, journalism, and civil society around the world to discuss the ideas and practices required for a world with only peace.

The theme of the 2018 HWPL World Peace Summit: 4th Anniversary of the WARP Summit is “Collaboration for Peace Development: Building a Peace Community through the DPCW.” It will further add to the driving force for the realization of peace through an all-encompassing approach involving different areas of expertise. This approach is based on the DPCW and includes promoting international cooperation for the peaceful reunification of the Korean peninsula, submitting the DPCW to the United Nations and drawing support from States, developing a culture of finding a trustworthy religious scripture, advancing peace education, and establishing a youth, women’s, and media peace network.

Peace is the timeless, invaluable asset for humanity that must be transmitted to the future generations. We are delighted to welcome you to the 2018 HWPL World Peace Summit: 4th Anniversary of the WARP Summit. Your presence and support will make the event even more meaningful.

> Download the 2018 HWPL World Peace Summit concept note